EC Program StudentsThe Early Childhood Program (EC) serves students 3 through 5 years of age with delays in physical development, cognitive development, communication development, and/or adaptive development.  The early childhood program focuses on the developmental areas:  cognitive, speech and language development, gross and fine motor, social-emotional and self-help skills.  The children learn through a structured instructional program that is aligned with the Early Learning Standards and includes Research Based Interventions.

Program goals are to:

  • foster health and physical development
  • provide for intellectual development
  • promote social awareness
  • promote a positive self-concept
  • promote curiosity and creativity
  • promote parent involvement in the child’s program and progress

Lisa Poe – Principal

A.E.R.O. Educational Center Half Day Early Childhood Class (Dist. 806)
7600 South Mason Avenue
Burbank IL 60459
(708) 496-3330

Allison Thiele – Program Supervisor

Tobin Elementary School (Dist. 111)
8501 South Narragansett Avenue
Burbank, IL 60459
(708) 599-6655

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