FALP Program StudentsThe Functional Academic Learning Program serves students in kindergarten through post-high school, with mild-moderate autism, cognitive, physical, behavioral, and/or health impairments, in integrated school settings throughout our member districts.

Key components of the Functional Academic Learning Program include:

  • Program emphasis is on the development of critical academic and life skills through a collaborative team-based approach.
  • The Functional Academic Learning Program addresses the need for each child and young adult to develop the academic and functional life skills necessary for adult life and to experience social interactions and relationships with peers in educational and community environments.
  • Daily instruction focuses on communication, socialization, daily living skills, leisure skills, motor development, community-based instruction, health management, vocational training/instruction, behavior management, and assistive technology.
  • Curriculum content is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core Standards. Research-Based Interventions are included as part of the curricula.
  • Students within the program have access to related services as indicated on their IEP.
  • The goal of the Functional Academic Learning Program is to prepare our students to become participating members of their communities.
  • Through individualized instruction, our students work towards individual goals that will enable them to achieve academic, functional, and post-secondary success.
  • Parent participation is an integral component in the educational program.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration is encouraged.

Allison Thiele – Program Supervisor

Tobin Elementary School (Dist. 111)
8501 South Narragansett Avenue
Burbank, IL 60459
(708) 599-6655

Walsh Elementary School (Dist. 104)
5540 South 75th Avenue
Summit, IL 60501
(708) 458-7165

Wilkins Junior High School (Dist. 109)
8001 South 82nd Avenue
Justice, IL 60458
(708) 496-8708

Nicole Englehart – Program Supervisor

Evergreen Park High School (Dist. 231)
9901 South Kedzie Avenue
Evergreen Park, IL 60805
(708) 424-7400

Oak Lawn High School (Dist. 229)
9400 Southwest Highway
Oak Lawn, IL  60453
(708) 424-5200

Reavis High School (Dist. 220)
6034 West 77th Street
Burbank, IL 60459
(708) 599-7200

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