PRIDE Program StudentsPRIDE Alternative School serves students in kindergarten through post- high school who have exhibited emotional and behavioral disturbances.  PRIDE is a highly structured program that provides an educational atmosphere that fosters a desire in students to succeed in school.   There are three main components to the program:

Academic curriculum is provided in a small classroom setting.  Curriculum content is aligned to the Illinois Common Core State Standards. Vocational awareness and occupational information are part of the educational curriculum.  Vocational/Transition services are provided to address each student’s individual needs.   Any student eligible for Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS), or the Cook County Works program are referred to the Transition Specialist and programmed for on a individual basis.

Behavior Management:
The foundation of our therapeutic interventions is a Token Economy System that works in conjunction with a Level System. Students are rewarded with tokens for positive behavior and consequenced for negative behavior through a fining system. Students must earn a minimum amount of tokens daily to earn level credit and advance on the level system. The Token Economy System is designed to monitor students’ progress in advancing or dropping through the levels. PRIDE incorporates the fundamentals of Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).  This school-wide initiative is an evidenced based, systems approach to preventing and responding to classroom and school discipline problems.  PBIS develops school-wide systems providing support for staff in teaching and promoting appropriate behavior in all students.  By reducing behavioral problems, PBIS creates and maintains safe learning environments and increases opportunities for academic instruction.

The MENTA Physical Management Method will be initiated whenever a student is a danger to themselves or someone else.  A more detailed description of MENTA Method Procedure can be found under General Information and Procedures of this handbook.

The third component of the program is therapy.  Each student receives Individual and Group Therapy on a weekly basis.  PRIDE offers Family Therapy to the family of each student enrolled in the PRIDE program. The Family Therapist works as liaison between school and home.  Meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis, and can be held in the family’s home or at PRIDE

PRIDE also offers:
Short-Term Optional Placement (S.T.O.P.):
This component of the Program is offered to District Students as an alternative to suspension.  Students are referred for a determined amount of days, placed in a separate self-contained classroom, and work on the curriculum provided by their Home School. Staff provided for the classrooms are: a Certified Special Education Teacher, a Teacher Assistant, and a Social Worker. Students in this program will also receive individual and daily group therapy.  Periodically, PRIDE students will be referred to the S.T.O.P. program as an intervention.

After School Intervention Program (ASIP):
Elementary and Junior High students are eligible to attend this Program from 2:40 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. daily. During ASIP, students complete homework, participate in structured sports, arts and crafts, and other activities including snack time. Students are provided daily Social Work support and transportation home.

Mary Meehan – Principal
Melissa Jasieniecki – Program Case Manager

PRIDE Alternative School (Dist. 806)
4201 West 93rd Street
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 496-4380

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