Adapted Physical Education Services
State law requires that a physical education program be provided for all students. A.E.R.O. operated programs include an adapted physical education program taught by a special physical educator. The program includes peer tutors that interact with the students and help them learn new sports skills. This program is individualized and provides activities which encourage fitness, team games, sports skills and recreational games.

Assistive Technology
The Assistive Technology Department is responsible for providing on-going consultation to classroom staff/related service personnel on appropriate technology (both high and low) to be used throughout the day to enhance overall learning. The coordinator evaluates software needs of individual students and helps staff to acquire the needed software. She serves as an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team. The department offers training on the use of devices and software with our staff, our families, and our districts. The department keeps inventory of our hardware, software, and assistive technology devices and maintains a resource library.

Free Lunch Program
Parents are requested to complete the necessary application forms at the resident district if children in the household are eligible for free school meals. Upon notification from parents, A.E.R.O. will request that the completed forms be provided to the appropriate program supervisor in order to accommodate the student’s needs.

Nursing Services
School Health is a very important concern for parents, students, and staff within the A.E.R.O. Programs. We have developed standards and policies to protect our children and staff.

Occupational and Physical Therapy Services
The therapists work closely with the teacher to keep them informed and integrate service/skills to the classroom setting. Therapy is to assist the student to minimize the effect of the disability on the ability to learn, function and to move within the school environment. Evaluation and treatment is based on educational needs.

Pre-Vocational Training Services
Placement in work experience and training situations is provided to students (18-22) in preparation for independent living and adult life.

Social Work Services
The social worker provides consultation services to the teacher and to families regarding parenting techniques and assistance to families with community resources. In addition, social worker may provide direct services to students individually or in small groups, as determined through the IEP or referrals from staff.

Speech and Language Services
In A.E.R.O. operated programs, students that require speech/language therapy are provided services individually, in small groups and/or in class language activities based on the individual needs of the students.

Vision / Hearing Itinerant Services
Diagnostic and itinerant services are available as needed through CASE and SASED.

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