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March 17, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you know, we’ve been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the weekend to be sure to keep students and our community healthy.  We appreciate your support, patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.  Monitoring this situation includes frequent communications with all of AERO’s member districts.

As you already know, Governor Pritzker has closed all schools from March 17th  through March 30th.  During this closure period AERO will use a combination of Emergency Days that will need to be made up and eLearning Days, as approved by the State of Illinois that will not need to be made up.  eLearning Days are days of engaged learning from home for 5 hours during which time your child’s teacher is available from 9am-2pm by email and other technology formats such as Remind App to ask questions and for further guidance.  The AERO eLearning plan will begin tomorrow, March 17th.

Parents/Students can access instructional materials and online resources through the AERO Website, www.aerosped.org, and click on “AERO eLearning”.  From there, click on “Classroom resources”.  Please find your child’s teacher(s) name and click on their name.  From there you will find on-line resources for educational activities.  If your son/daughter has forgotten his/her password, please contact your child’s teacher.

Please note, if you are on a mobile device or tablet, click on the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top of the page. If you have a small screen, you might have to click the “More” button to see additional links.

Additionally, hard copies of materials will be available upon request.  Please email your child’s teacher to request materials.  If you do not have internet access or are unable to pick up materials, please call AERO at (708) 496-3330 and provide the address where you would like the materials sent.

Lastly, we have created a google attendance sheet that needs to be submitted daily.

We appreciate your patience as this is all new territory for all of us.  We will continue to provide frequent communication and share information on eLearning along other important information as each day comes.  It is indeed a work in progress.

Once again, AERO’s overall goal is to maintain the health or our students, their families and the community.

Dr. James W. Gunnell Signature
James W. Gunnell, Ed.D
Executive Director of Special Education


cc: A.E.R.O. Member Districts

Last Revised: March 17, 2020 at 1:58PM

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